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Adopting the Humble Alpha leadership operating system will radiate your true power, unleash your authentic identity, purpose, and will move you forward in life with absolute certainty, ensuring epic Quality of Life, lethal leadership, and increased earnings.

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Start your journey in becoming the epic leader you are meant to be by grabbing the critically acclaimed book Unleash Your Humble Alpha, which guides you to step into your own greatness. This is a permanent shift in paradigm that will allow you to constantly grow through implementation of the Humble Alpha Operating System.

Already operating at your A-game, yet you know there's more? Are you ready to take your business leadership to a higher level and absolutely dominate with humble power? Click here to learn more about the Humble Alpha Personal and Professional Mastery Program, which will upgrade the way you operate, execute and deploy your gifts in your business and life.

Innovate leadership for your generation by adopting the Humble Alpha Operating System with the Humble Alpha University Leadership Certificate Program. For students planning to start their own business or to become an epic and lethal leader.

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The world is experiencing a “course correction” and the leadership paradigm is being upgraded in parallel. The Humble Alpha leadership model is the disruptive force the world has been waiting for.

Pioneers and innovators are already leading the way to make this new leadership paradigm the “new normal”. By bringing out your authentic power and moving forward with imperfect action, we will co-create the new evolution of leadership that is begging to be expressed. You are not alone in thinking there is a better way to lead, join us and our community of pioneers to realize this “emerging future”. You are supported in stepping into the unknown with absolute certainty.

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The Humble Alpha Leadership model is a full-spectrum paradigm upgrade. By adopting the Humble Alpha Leadership operating system, you extract and step into your own greatness, which is aligned with your purpose. You bring forth your greatest skills and align yourself with other Humble Alphas and co-create the common vision. Whether for your company, organization or life. The Humble Alpha model is universal in application and can be adopted by any person; regardless of gender, race, creed or other category.

The Humble Alpha ecosystem has been organically created, following our intuition and through continuously taking imperfect action, creating as we proceed. As the different elements of the ecosystem are brought forth and articulated, we connect them all in a meaningful, aligned manner.

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Only you can decide to take action, yet we can provide the container for you to step into your greatness. We meet you where you are in your journey. You can begin your journey by reading the book Unleash Your Humble Alpha. If you are a business leader and looking to upgrade your leadership, business and life to the next level, then check out the Humble Alpha Personal and Professional Mastery Program.


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Meet the FOUNDER

Meet the Founder

Steven Kuhn

Steven is a decorated U.S. Military combat veteran who has been hand-picked to advise and consult with some of the most influential people in the world (rock stars, singers, actors, business leaders and politicians) about how to expand & build their company though value and loyalty and to develop strategies for increasing beneficial relationships, revenue and achieving true Quality of Life (QOL).

Steven is a best-selling author, his latest book Unleash Your Humble Alpha has been critically acclaimed as the leadership book to read.

Steven has deep-rooted beliefs in building trust and rapport through a process he calls H.I.T. (Honesty, Integrity & Transparency).

H.I.T. is the method which Steven developed and how he lives his life both
professionally and personally.

Steven has generated and raised over 500M USD for his clients in the past 25 years, helped them scale and grow through acquisition and exit once ready.

Working as a business advisor for so many years has given Steven the opportunity to work on projects in over 10 countries in just about every industry.

Steven drove an E-Commerce company to 30M USD in 7 months, he facilitated growth for a Health Club company into 87 locations in 7 countries, sold millions in products to Big BoxRetailers and distributors globally for his clients, advised the team for the Mayor of New York, works with NFL football players, and ridiculous amounts more.

In the end there is not much Steven has not seen, which is why he has been named the “Master Problem Solver” by his clients and the networks he is in.

Known also as the powerful connector, Steven can find a solution for any problem through his massive network across the globe, from business owners, funding groups, entrepreneurs, M&A specialists, Insurance, car sales, SAAS advisories, and so many more.

Humble Alpha


“I can whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone, who’s considering upgrading their life… A shift from believing in my goals and that they were possible, and now KNOWING…”

Ross Tomkins

“Would give it [Unleash Your Humble Alpha] 10 stars if I could… One of my top 10 books…”

Tad Stephens

“This is the ultimate guidebook to being an effective HUMAN. It is not just for men.”

Richelle Futch

“5 members of the Warrior Council, after being introduced to the H.A.V.E. movement, descended on my property and helped me build my actual business facility.”

Jose Alaniz, Jr

“I have to say the greatest assets I’ve gained from the Warrior Council and H.A.V.E. are the relationships, the guides, mentors, companions, and teachers on the same journey.”

Joe Palacios

“This is the ultimate guidebook to being an effective HUMAN. It is not just for men.”

Richelle Futch

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