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Humble Alpha is dedicated to your success in business and in life, we stop at nothing in ensuring you achieve your personal and professional goals through integration in your personal and business life. We call this “Quality of Life”.

Mission &


Our Mission: To change the paradigm of leadership in the world so that everyone who chooses to, steps into their greatness. We will Co-Create this new paradigm of leadership with other pioneers and leaders in all industries of business and different sectors of the population.

Military Veterans


Steven and Lane are both military veterans and have a big heart for advising Veteran Entrepreneurs to succeed in their business.

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Veteran Empowerment

The Humble Alpha Veteran Empowerment (HAVE) Movement aims to elevate our Veteran and civilian support communities around the United States. Military Veterans have a heart of service and fully appreciate being part of a mission bigger than themselves.

Veterans follow the Humble Alpha leadership method by working from the inside, out. Understanding their true identity, purpose, and moving forward in life with certainty. Veterans gather fellow Veterans and civilians in their local communities to elevate those who need it most, called HAVE Missions. HAVE Missions spark hope within those who may have lost it and inspire others to step into their greatness.

The heart of this movement is the in-person connection and elevation, yet it’s part of an even bigger picture. The HAVE Movement is an entire ecosystem aimed to elevate humanity at nearly every facet of society.

The HAVE Investment Fund plays a critical role to inject capital into a movement that has perfected the balance of “heart of service” and effective application. Also included are Veteran healing programs aimed at letting go of the trauma once and for all.



Steven and Lane run a Facebook group called Vetpreneuer Tribe, a group of 15,500 Veteran Entrepreneurs focused on Supporting, Elevating and Collaborating with each other for success. Steven and Lane hold regular in person workshops and events for veterans.

If you are a veteran and are interested, join us!



The place to be for Veteran entrepreneurs who wish to mastermind with other highly motivated "Vetpreneurs" to strategize, collaborate, form joint ventures, and learn from others in your specific industry to create more and sustained revenue. Vetpreneurs do not want to miss this

Meet the team

Steven Kuhn


Lane Belone


Pat Wenger


Here’s the Scoop

(Actual Story of How This Came to Be)

Now that the “official stuff” is out of the way, here’s the story of how all this went down. Steven and Lane were doing their own thing, until one day they connected in the Vetpreneur Tribe. They eventually met for the first time in Peru, where their paths were to be ever intertwined.

 They met and liked how the other guy lived and carried himself. They soon realized that they would create many things together, but had no idea what it was. They began to take imperfect action towards a common path, which eventually led to creating the term “Humble Alpha”. For a good while, they didn’t know what they were going to do with it, until they started to write a book together.

 The ‘Unleash Your Humble Alpha’ book was the beginning of this journey, and they had no idea how big or impactful this would be. Yet they had a deep sense of purpose and knowing that the Humble Alpha would pioneer a new leadership model for the world.

 Led by their intuition and taking imperfect action, this movement organically grew into what it is becoming today. Even still, they know that the Humble Alpha is just beginning.

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