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Paradigm Upgrade Advisory


What our clients have to say

“I can whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone, who’s considering upgrading their life… A shift from believing in my goals and that they were possible, and now KNOWING…”

Ross Tomkins

“Is beyond what I could have imagined. I experienced my largest revenue month in my 6 years in business. We as a family are doing better than we ever have. I thank you both tremendously.”

Jillian Sandoval

“Steven and Lane have taught me to tap into my personal power. The Humble Alpha has taught me to stand in my truth and radiate certainty. There’s no other program like it.”

Denise Felipe-Adams

“It has impacted my business, life, my body and my thought process in such a positive way. It has been transformational from the very first session. I could not recommend them any higher.”

Scott Smith



Your life is about to become amazing and rich, all you need to do it decide, make the one decision that will begin the process and join us today. We guarantee a personalized, custom interaction and massive results with no pre-recorded videos or online learning.



Activate your true identity and unleash your purpose. Fully integrate personal and professional life.


your team

Create a powerful culture and build true impact. Articulate your vision and create buy-in to all within your company or organization.


the creator

Step into your greatness and create the incredible life you desire. Tap into the most powerful paradigms.

Why paradigm upgrade?

If you’re on this page, you’ve “figured out” there are more powerful ways to lead and live, creating unparalleled success.

Many leaders upgrade via strategy and tactics. While this has been effective in the past and will help you get to a certain point, upgrading via paradigm collapses time and allows you to experience life and success exactly how you choose.

  • Alignment and integration within your career and personal life are what makes a leader lethal, we get you there. Period.
  • Helping you deploy the Humble Alpha “Operating System” to increase performance, productivity and profits.

Balancing structure and tapping into the intuitive is one of the major challenges we see with business owners. We tackle this head-on, leading you to the path of true greatness in your life and business.

Unlock the holistic and integrated secrets to unleashing the profound leader and Humble Alpha that already lives within you. Through vivid storytelling, pointed advice, and powerful action steps, Steven and Lane help you dig deep, drop every excuse, and achieve what every leader wants yet very few possess—massive momentum, power, happiness, and a balanced quality of life.

How it works

Personal Advisory

Just you with Steven & Lane

group advisory

You and like-minded leaders with Steven & Lane

Leadership Team Advisory

You and at least 3 of your leaders with Steven & Lane

Phase 1: Self-Leadership

Clarifying your personal identity and purpose in life. This is key for targeted advancement in both personal and professional as well as revenue. This is why we begin with this phase, it is the foundation of true success and total life integration.

Phase 2: Empower Your Team

Create a powerful culture and build true impact. Articulate your vision and create buy-in to all within your company or organization

Phase 3: Awaken the Creator

How to set the most powerful intentions and create the reality you desire in your life and business. These are the most advanced paradigm shifts that will set you on a course you may not even be able to imagine right now.

Creating Space

in each phase

Each phase we will share different paradigms that are complementary and cascading as we move forward. Although each Phase will cover these main topics, we will share whatever paradigm the moment calls for to maximize the impact.

In our book, we discuss Creating Space, which is likely the most powerful concept in the book. Each session we will Create Space and allow the most powerful, potent paradigm to crystalize and then discuss it until understood. Then we will share tangible action steps you can take to set you on your path for that week and beyond.

Warning: Do not expect a rigid format during these powerful sessions. These sessions will flow and at times be very conversational.

What You Get

12 group advisory calls, once a week over 3 months
Access to all recorded calls
Access to an encrypted group chat for discussion and accountability
1 print version of Unleash Your Humble Alpha (sent to your home)
A community with all members on a similar path to greatness

It is possible to upgrade your life and business. Yet it requires you to let go of the old story of limitation of yourself, what you “should” do in life and what’s held you back so far. It’s time for you to step into your greatness, we will help get you there. But it’s up to you to finally decide.

Take the First Step

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