Own Your Presence in Your Life and Become the Epic Leader You are Meant to Be

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The leader you’ve always wanted to be idles right beneath the surface. As combat veterans and military leaders who’ve been exposed to highly elite training, Steven and Lane decode how you can master your life, conquer everything that stands in your way, improve your ability to cope with stress, and run towards greatness.

One Powerful Book

5 Sections

  • Section 1 – Activate your true identity. Know WHO you are and HOW you interact in the world.
  • Section 2 – Unleash your purpose in life. Know WHAT you do in the world that makes you feel alive.
  • Section 3 – Empower. Create Space and elevate all those within your Life Enterprise, so all step into their greatness.
  • Section 4 – Momentum. Amplify your purpose by igniting the fire within other with partnerships. Invest in Relational Capital.
  • Section 5 – Quality of Life. Fully enjoy every moment of your life, no matter the activity.



  • Learn how to become a Humble Alpha
  • Discover your true identity and dictate life on your terms
  • Let go of the past with a simple 3-step process
  • Unleash your true purpose in life
  • Learn how to Create Space in your life
  • Create a powerful A-Team in your company
  • Realize how powerful investing in Relational Capital is
  • Understand how to live by H.I.T. (Honesty, Integrity, Transparency)
  • Fully integrate Quality of Life every day of your life
  • And much more…
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Unleash your

Humble Alpha

Begin your journey of becoming a Humble Alpha so you can:

  • Own a room without saying a word
  • Step into your own version of greatness
  • Fully lead in times of uncertainty
  • Live a true quality of life

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