We are pioneering into uncharted territory in the Blockchain and Veteran Empowerment space. We noticed that the barrier to entry had a lot of friction, so now we are addressing this with OPERATION READINESS.

The intent is to smoothen the process to know what HAVE NFT is about, how to create your Metamask wallet that holds your NFT and to make sure to reserve your spot on the whitelist.

Having trouble creating your metamask or adding the EKTA network to your wallet? Don’t even know what that means? No problem, along with our partner EKTA, we created a simple page to add everything you need with the click of a button. No difficult process to make sure your wallet is set up, just click a button.

To the best of our knowledge, there isn’t any other NFT project that has created a page to ensure it is the easiest way to have everything you need to mint an NFT in one place.

All other NFT projects rely on the user to either already have crypto and NFT experience, or for the user to figure it out via trial and error. Many beginner users enter the wrong information and sometimes lose money because they copied something slightly wrong. That won’t happen with our process.

Also, you may have heard of the crazy expensive gas prices (processing fees) on the Ethereum network. We’re working with EKTA, so we won’t have that problem, as we’re on our own network and the fees are super affordable.

On 10 March, we will be launching our first HAVE NFT Bulldog and we know there are many Veterans that aren’t familiar with crypto and NFT’s.

We’re dedicated to do everything we can to make sure any Veteran or Veteran supporter has every resource and tool to be able to support the HAVE NFT launch. We’re actually stretching out our launch so we have time to educate our audience.

Yes, we’re that dedicated to making this project successful for our Veterans and Veteran supporters.

With our successful launch, we’ll be able to donate 5% of revenue to our network of nonprofits. These nonprofits are supporting the Veteran healing aspect of our ecosystem and are a resource for them to find their purpose again.

Every holder of a HAVE NFT will also receive profit share, with what we’re calling OPERATION ABUNDANCE. So many ways for the HAVE NFT community to win, we’re excited to share this project with the world and to create and ecosystem of empowerment for our Veteran community.

Be sure to check out the full utility and details at: https://www.havenft.io/

Join the discord community to interact with fellow HAVE NFT supporters and learn more here: https://discord.gg/have