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The Humble Alpha Veteran Empowerment (HAVE) Movement aims to elevate our Veteran and local civilian communities around the United States. Military Veterans have a heart of service and fully appreciate being part of a mission bigger than themselves.

Veterans follow the Humble Alpha leadership method by working from the inside, out. Understanding their true identity, purpose and moving forward in life with certainty. Veterans gather fellow Veterans and civilians in their local communities to elevate those who need it most, called HAVE Missions. HAVE Missions spark hope within those who may have lost it and inspire others to step into their greatness.

Upcoming Events

Join us in Houston, TX on Nov 7 & 8 2021








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One day of business masterminds, talks, breakout sessions and more! And one full day dedicated to Veteran Healing. This is an event you definitely want to attend!

Vetpreneur Tribe

The Vetpreneur Tribe is an online community of Veteran Entrepreneurs dedicated to taking their business to the next level. We accomplish this by taking the high standards we learned in the military and build upon them in the civilian sector. Our tribe consists of thousands of Vetpreneurs of all military backgrounds and participates in nearly every industry of business.

The Warrior Council

The Warrior Council is a paid mastermind group to fast track your business success and Quality of Life. Dedicated group to address exactly what you and your business need today. Live call each week that helps you collapse time and on the right track.

H.A.V.E. Invesment Fund

We invest in Military Veterans to start, manage, grow & scale their businesses.

H.A.V.E. Missions


To empower, elevate and support a Veterans business or community by meeting in-person to further develop a business or a cause in a meaningful way.


Each mission should be temporary in nature and embody the Humble Alpha concepts from the book, Unleash Your Humble Alpha. All Humble Alphas attending are ambassadors and have the opportunity to BE themselves fully and as a by-product, help others step into their own greatness. Each mission around the country will showcase the power of veterans and community to inspire thousands of other veterans to join the movement. With each mission, we are beacons of hope to Veterans that otherwise may not believe in something bigger after service. For more guidance on H.A.V.E. Missions, please reach out via the contact form below and we will send you mission critical information and guidance so you can conduct your own mission.

Humble Alpha


“The H.A.V.E. movement sparked a physical response to a specific need I had with my business. 5 members of the Warrior Council, after being introduced to the H.A.V.E. movement, descended on my property and helped me build my actual business facility. This first H.A.V.E. Mission 001 as it was dubbed changed the lives of all involved parties. The H.A.V.E. Mission brought us together on a different level and made us realize that we were all vibrating at the exact same frequency. Since the original Mission the five of us talk weekly sometimes daily and help each other with our respective businesses. I highly recommend that everyone organize a H.A.V.E. Mission asap. I promise it will change your business, your attitude and your life.”

Jose R. Alaniz, Jr.

Chief Executive Officer, Third Day Coffee Seguin

“For me the Warrior Council and H.A.V.E., are places where people that I want to grow, learn, and create with Professionally, Personally, and Spiritually. Both of these things the Warrior Council Group and the HAVE Movement inspired me to take imperfect action when passion, purpose, are aligned and manifest greater opportunities. It’s all about enjoying the process and looking for an outcome. I have to say the greatest assets I’ve gained from the Warrior Council and H.A.V.E. are the relationships, the guides, mentors, companions, and teachers on the same journey.”

Joe Palacios

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