“I can’t ask for help, what will everyone think?”

You know what I mean when I write that, it has certainly been a situation that everyone has been in: You are known for doing something well and when you get stuck you don’t ask for help because you think others may not see you as the knowledgeable one. 

The point is simple: If you want to succeed and collapse time to grow faster, you simply ask for help. 

Find someone who is where you want to be and ask them how they did it, if they have any tips, what they can offer for advice, and so on.

Asking costs us nothing and a no is the same as not asking at all, so what is the risk?

I have asked my way out of every situation I can remember, anytime I don’t know the answer immediately I think of who I can ask for help, and it always works out.

The added bonus is the person you ask has the opportunity to show their stuff, present their knowledge and receive gratitude from you for doing so, it is a true win, win. 

Here is the key, however: Never ask for help with any expectations, this creates energy between the two of you that feels like you are taking, instead of co-creating.

We don’t know if the person can help, maybe they can, maybe they know someone who can, but maybe they don’t, and we need to ask for help from someone else.

The energy in which we operate, or the frequency at which we ask, is so important, therefore the optimal practice is Creating Space.

This is directly from our book “Unleash Your Humble Alpha” and is probably the most powerful model in the entire book. When you master this, you are truly a level ahead of most.

You can Create Space around every person you talk to, whether it’s an audience, small group, barista, or board of directors. Just by being aware of the concept of creating space, people change their state.

This concept is all about seeing other people’s potential. You can create space intentionally in a boardroom during a meeting, or playfully and joyfully as you’re joking around and having fun with people.

The intention is to elevate others and help them take their next step toward greatness.

What’s important to remember is that there is a difference between expectation and intention. Expectations involve our ideas around an end result, whereas an intention is the beginning of something. An intention is how we move forward towards the vision.

Creating Space means that when you walk into a meeting, you see everyone there. You have no expectations or cookie-cutter solutions in my mind.

You have a toolbox full of knowledge, but you don’t open the toolbox until the time comes. Your only intention is to create value, and that means elevating the people in the room and finding a way to move them forward.

I can tell you this—when you enter a meeting with that approach, you change the energy in the room. People step into that space.

What happens when two people come together in a neutral space?

There’s a third entity.

That third entity is a Mastermind.

The word mastermind was made famous in the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. A mastermind occurs when two or more people get together, create space with each other, and come up with ideas and solutions they never could on their own.

Science has proved that this happens, and it’s incredible. In a mastermind, 1+1 =11.

Use this method at work, in business, and in your private life and your whole outlook will change.

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