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Humble Alpha Paradigm Shift

Adopt the Humble Alpha leadership operating system and radiate your true power. 

Unleash your authentic identity, purpose, and move forward in life with absolute certainty, ensuring epic Quality of Life and lethal leadership.

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A New

Leadership Paradigm

The world is experiencing a “course correction” and the leadership paradigm is being upgraded in parallel. The Humble Alpha leadership model is the disruptive force the world has been waiting for.

Pioneers and innovators are already leading the way to make this new leadership paradigm the “new normal”. By bringing out your authentic power and moving forward with imperfect action, we will co-create the new evolution of leadership that is begging to be expressed. You are not alone in thinking there is a better way to lead, join us and our community of pioneers to realize this “emerging future”. You are supported in stepping into the unknown with absolute certainty.




The masculine is often associated with direct action and a stern presence. The feminine is often associated with powerful radiance and a welcoming presence. Many people express an extreme of either. The Humble Alpha Leadership Model fully integrates these seemingly opposite characteristics.

By radiating your authentic power, people feel it and are inspired to awaken their authentic power (feminine energy). However, sometimes the moment calls for massive imperfect action and creation (masculine energy). By implementing the Humble Alpha operating system, you know and accept exactly what the moment calls for. Fully integrating your entire life experience, applying the exact expression the moment calls for, and completely trusting yourself.

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The Humble Alpha Leadership model is a full-spectrum paradigm upgrade. By adopting the Humble Alpha Leadership operating system, you extract and step into your own greatness, which is aligned with your purpose. You bring forth your greatest skills and align yourself with other Humble Alphas and co-create the common vision. Whether for your company, organization or life. The Humble Alpha model is universal in application and can be adopted by any person; regardless of gender, race, creed or other category.

The Humble Alpha ecosystem has been organically created, following our intuition and through continuously taking imperfect action, creating as we proceed. As the different elements of the ecosystem are brought forth and articulated, we connect them all in a meaningful, aligned manner.

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Only you can decide to take action, yet we can provide the container for you to step into your greatness. We meet you where you are in your journey. You can begin your journey by reading the book Unleash Your Humble Alpha. If you are a business leader and looking to upgrade your leadership, business and life to the next level, then check out the Humble Alpha Paradigm Upgrade Advisory Program.

We are calling upon innovators and pioneers seeking to co-create the new evolution of leadership in our world. Is this you? A pioneer or innovator comes from every walk of life: Business leadership, community leaders, student leaders, influencers, authors, media leaders are just examples. The first step is deciding, then taking imperfect action towards that vision.


Lane Belone

Lane is an expert at skill-acquisition and high-performance and was entrusted to operate around the globe in high-risk and sensitive missions as a Green Beret (Special Forces) Veteran. He uses this experience to build trust and adaptability to develop executive teams into laser-focused and empowered “A-Teams”.

Lane digs deep to extract what is already within using a process called “Creating Space” so all involved step into their greatness. Living in true alignment and in the present moment is how he lives his life.

Steven Kuhn

Steven turns failing businesses into success across Europe and the US and has been handpicked to consult and coach some of the most influential people in the world on brand expansion, productive company culture, strategies for increasing beneficial relationships to increase revenue-generating opportunities. 

Steven practices and teaches building trust and rapport through processes he calls Creating Space, Relational Capital and his H.I.T. Principles (Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency) as the key to success and Quality of Life. Steven is a US Army Combat Veteran and Bronze Star Medal recipient.

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