What if intentional, joyful creation was how you built your business?

For just a second, let’s remove any disbelief that you can achieve your most beautiful dream for your business.

Just imagine, what your business would look like if it was operating under a simple, clear vision. Everyone within the company knew that vision and took imperfect action everyday to achieve it.

You finally could delegate those things you’ve been thinking about for so long.

Taking it even one step further, everyone on your team actually created innovative solutions because your vision was so clear.

Then all of a sudden, you felt this incredible relief.

Relief that you didn’t have to burden all that responsibility only on yourself. But then you had a question.

If everyone in the company is taking action on my behalf, what should I focus my time on?

“Hmm…” you think to yourself.

Well, you could focus your time and energy on growing the business. Really growing it like you know you could. And remembering, if we’re focusing on intentional, joyful creation, we don’t go back to stressed out growth anymore.

There’s also another option.

You could have a highly performing business and begin focusing on a passion project.

A collaboration, joint venture or project that really means something to you. That thing that’s been on the back burner for so long.

The point is, you have options.

So let’s go back to where you are today. What does your life and business look like?

There may be a gap between today and the dream you have for your business. Here’s a secret, do your best to enjoy the process from where you are now, to the direction you’re heading.

Here’s an actionable step for you to take today if this message resonates with you.

Write out the dream you have for your business, including the problem you solve in the world. Once you have that in full, write out something else.

Write out, why am I holding myself back from this dream I know I can achieve and see what you write after that.

That’s it.

Next week, we’ll share what to do with this information.

P.S. In the coming weeks, we’ll be revealing a new process that we’ve been taking our clients on. It’s been amazing to see these business owners grow leaps and bounds with this simple, yet powerful framework. More to follow.