There is something to be said for making a quick decision based on intuition.

All throughout my life, I was an intuitive person, making decisions that changed lives, especially mine.

I worked with world leaders, celebrities, royals, and business leaders and the one thing that always came out was that I always had incredible results and answers.

I was flying high, well known in Europe where I live, and moving at the highest levels.


I made an ego-driven decision to get my MBA when an American NASDAQ-listed company refused to give me the Managing Director position, even though my company engaged in a joint venture with them, with me as the lead.

Because I didn’t have an MBA, they made me operations and development director and I did the same work.

This was my big chance I thought, leading a joint venture for two listed companies; if they want an MBA I’ll give them their damn MBA.

I applied to a prestigious U.K.-based Business School, and after being rejected, I finally got in by calling them and speaking with the Dean about my experience.

By the time I finished my MBA I had moved on, as entrepreneurs do, but I was not as successful or fluid in my decision-making.

It turns out that the MBA taught me how to over-analyze, overthink and seek risks, which seems like sound actions but it totally killed my intuition.

It took two more years of failures, frustrations, and a suicide attempt until I totally crashed and started all over again.

I decided to focus on training my intuition by following it no matter what. I would turn left, cross the street or change direction just because it popped in my head to do so.

It did not take long before I was back in my groove and absolutely recovered from the paralysis by analysis.

Since then a bunch has happened and in between, I started losing the talent to hear my intuition but was always able to catch it and make an adjustment.

In the end, it’s always an endless journey until our last day, and I’m happy to continually develop.

Moral of the story? No education can replace applied knowledge and experience, so gather as much experience as you possibly can.

This is just one small example of how we take successful business owners from grinding every day in their business to a visionary leader who is on the cutting edge of their business. They continue by building an ecosystem that generates more revenue while the leader has delegated, empowered, joined forces with others and removed themselves from the day to day so they can focus on their passion projects and or scaling their business.

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Steady onward, upward!

Steven Kuhn