We want you to make an informed decision when you purchase a HAVE NFT. That is what OPERATION READINESS is all about. This article will give you the most important information, but you may need to read through our whitepaper or website for the most DETAILED information.

What is HAVE NFT?

HAVE NFT is a collection of 22,220 Veteran-Inspired Military Challenge Coin NFTs. The first drop of 5,555 limited edition Bulldog NFTs is minted on EktaChain, a decentralized network that bridges blockchain with the physical world.

That’s our elevator pitch answer, and it truly is innovative and impressive. But behind that fancy answer, is a team and community dedicated to changing the lives of Veterans all over the world. We’re creating digital challenge coins and putting utility behind them, with each aspect of our ecosystem empowering Veterans and Veteran supporters. To be clear, we welcome ALL who want to serve and support in our community, both those who served in the military, and those who want to serve as civilians.

How does HAVE NFT support Veterans?

Co-Founders Steven Kuhn and Lane Belone have been supporting Veterans for several years by leading the Vetpreneur Tribe, Warrior Council and with Veteran healing efforts. Business accelerators, healing symposiums, online summits and advising Veterans from all over the country (and world). HAVE NFT is simply an extension of the efforts over the past years. We are consolidating 100+ Veteran-focused nonprofits and donating 5% of revenue to these partners. All published on the blockchain and transparent for all to see.

Each of these nonprofits supports Veterans differently, so the solution to the Veteran need is tailored to their journey. We aren’t reinventing the wheel, we are simply consolidating resources already available.

When a Veteran is suffering from PTSD, depression, addiction and other forms of trauma, it can be difficult to find these already existing resources. That’s where we come in. We make the pathway to healing and purpose easier to travel. And we’re doing it together. With your support, and the support of our partners, we will change the story of how the second half of a Veterans life looks like. A story of peace, purpose and service to community and humanity as a whole.

What does owning a HAVE NFT get YOU?

Yep, we’re gonna be taking the profits to create an entire ecosystem to support Veterans, but we got you covered too. After all, without you supporting, we wouldn’t be able to expand our Veteran Empowerment like we will. The first powerful way we support YOU, is what we’re calling OPERATION ABUNDANCE.

In a nutshell, if you own a HAVE NFT, we’re giving you free EKTA. Just by owning a HAVE NFT, you’ll receive a “profit share” into your Metamask wallet and guess what, you don’t have to do anything. By the way, EKTA is the crypto currency we are partnered with and they are absolutely changing the world. More on EKTA below.

Each HAVE NFT owner will also have “first right to purchase” follow on HAVE NFT’s as they come out. You’ll also have access to special events in person, as well as online access to the team, our partners and special events. Sub-groups in the HAVE NFT will be available after launch, like the HAVE NFT Barracks (more details soon…).

Finally, owning a HAVE NFT gets you direct access to the community itself. Everyone part of this community is a pioneer, whether they realize it or not. What we are co-creating is truly remarkable and hasn’t been done before. You’ll be surrounding yourself with amazing people who are serving the world in such a powerful way.

The foundation of the HAVE NFT movement is the Humble Alpha Operating System, which is laid out in Steven and Lane’s book, Unleash Your Humble Alpha.

Nothing about this movement is surface level. Even the Humble Alpha is offered in Universities around the country (and soon to be world). Imagine being surrounded by good people doing amazing things. They can elevate and empower you, you do the same thing for them. There’s nothing we can’t accomplish together.

Who is behind HAVE NFT?

U.S. Army Veterans Steven Kuhn and Lane Belone first met in Peru in 2018. Then they met again in Peru in 2019 and formed the Humble Alpha, eventually writing the Unleash Your Humble Alpha book together. A third trip to Peru resulted in the combining of the “Humble Alpha” and the “Veteran Empowerment” officially.

Sarah Singh, HAVE NFT Co-Founder, came into the picture while forming the HAVE Investment Fund with her extensive experience in real estate. Pat Wenger, HAVE NFT Director of Operations, has been with team Humble Alpha since before the book came out.

This is the short version of who is behind HAVE NFT. But we consist of well-rounded experience in business, marketing, investing, healing and everywhere in between. Want to know more about the team? Ask them lol. Join the discord and ask them personally. They’ll answer, for real.


EKTA comes from Sanskrit, meaning unity, identity and integrity. Their mission is to bridge blockchain to the physical world. They are a fantastic team with a heart of gold. And that’s why we decided to partner with them. Every partner EKTA brings on has real world impact and their motto is “profit with purpose”. We couldn’t think of a better blockchain company to partner with.

Long term vision for HAVE NFT?

We see a world where Veterans all over the world have resparked the purpose they once felt while serving in the military. Not to fight in combat, but to serve their communities and humanity at large. We see a world where Veterans and Veteran Supporters are a shining Light and radiate joy, purpose, peace and empowerment to every life they touch.

Next step

Now you’ve caught up on the most important aspects of our ecosystem and you’re ready to get your Metamask wallet setup. Click here and it will walk you through 5 very simple steps to get you all set.

Why is the next step important? Because having your Metamask wallet setup allows you to hold (and own) your HAVE NFT, 100%. Yes, you may be stepping into the unknown, but we’re gonna do this together. We have your back and will guide you along the way. Any questions, please reach out to us and we will answer you. Best way to get your questions answered, is to join our discord and ask your question.